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January 2023

Happy New Year! I am currently at the end of the second week of shows of Cinderella at the Diamond Head Theater, and I am also excited to share that my solo show Island Girl has been booked aboard the Disney Wonder in October! There is a possibility that they will be extending my contract for another week, which means I could be able to visit some countries that are brand-new for me: New Caledonia, Fiji, and American Samoa! I am over the moon, and very grateful for my agents at Don Casino.


I have also recently recorded a few radio and TV spots for Central Pacific Bank, which will be aired before and DURING the Superbowl this year! Big mahalos to Aubrey Lee Agency for that booking!


Finally, I am in the midst of recording the English translation of Anne Berest's "La Carte Postale" (The Postcard), which is a lot of fun. I narrate in English, German, Yiddish, and French for this one! A real workout for my linguistic brain.


Other than that, still singing for weddings and recorded lots of various voiceover spots. Stay tuned!

December 2022

So much has happened since my last post!

I moved to the island of O'ahu in June, to reconnect with my heritage and fulfill. lifelong dream of living in Hawai'i. I have since been signed to local agency Aubrey Lee Agency, as well as to Don Casino to represent my solo shows Island Girl and Bottoms Up!.

Next month, I will be returning to my theatrical roots, fulfilling another lifelong dream of playing a Stepsister in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, the inaugural production at the brand new Diamond Head Theater. The cast and crew have been wonderful, and it's so nice to be back doing what I love. The show runs through February, after which I should be seeing some cruise ship bookings for my solo shows coming through, so stay tuned!

I continue recording audiobooks forte Library of Congress, and have recently booked VO campaigns for HMSA and Central Pacific Bank. Things are really moving!

Happy Holidays to one and all. 

April 2022

My first ever live solo show is actually, finally happening! What started as a digital sort of musical TED Talk back in 2020 has finally come full circle, and I will be presenting my hour-long show all about my Hawaiian heritage and culture, Island Girl, at the Green Room 42 on May 26th ay 7pm! Buy your tickets by clicking here. If you can't make it in person, the show will also be live-streamed, and you can watch from home! Tickets for that can be purchased at the same link.


I will also be presenting a sort of teaser version of the show for Hālāwai's Mauli Ola series on May 10, viewable online, on May 10 at 7pm. Register for that by clicking here!

April 2021

What a year it's been!

With the Covid-19 vaccine rolling out (I myself have been fully vaccinated since March!), I am hopeful that live performances will start to trickle back into existence soon. 

In the meantime, I have been keeping busy! I debuted two brand-new shows, Motown Under the Stars and Island Girl, both of which will be performing again. I have had a couple of socially-distanced and sanitized performances with America's Sweethearts, and am looking forward to another show with them on July 4 at OWA in Foley, Alabama! 

I have been doing a lot of voiceover work, and am excited to see how that particular aspect of my career evolves. I have a new audiobook coming out soon, titled Shadowborn , so stay tuned for that as well.

On a personal note, I did something a little under a month ago that I have wanted to do for years---I donated my kidney to a stranger! I have become a non-directed donor! It's been a crazy ride, and I documented my journey in a short-form podcast called Renal 911, now available on all streaming platforms. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life, and I look forward to meeting my recipient sometime in the near future.

As always, check out the Events page and updated Media page for more information on all my recent and upcoming adventures!

JULY 2020

Hello again! A lot has happened since my last update!


*Viral Videos!

As a way to give myself a creative outlet when all my gigs got cancelled (rightfully so) due to COVID-19, I began a video series called "The One-Minute One-Woman Show", where I perform an entire play, musical, or movie in a minute, playing all the characters. I started with Hamlet , which amassed over 20k views on Facebook alone! It was such a hit that I made more, and set up an Instagram account just for these videos (follow me at @1m1wshow). So far, I've done One-Minute One-Woman Sweeney Todd, Moana, The Princess Bride, Much Ado About Nothing, Jesus Christ Superstar, and a parody of every cruise ship show ever--which exploded online and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide! Who knew that a silly little project shot entirely in my living room could have such an impact! I also wrote a parody of the song "You're Welcome" from Moana and set it at a wedding as a drunken toast given by the groom's ex, which was a lot of fun to make! You can catch all my videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (be sure to subscribe!)!


I will have another audiobook on Audible coming out shortly, and have been contracted by Intervoiceover as a text-to-speech narrator for a variety of projects! I will also be featured on custom cheerleading  tracks all across the world as a resident vocalist/rapper for CrimsonMuzik Vocalz, which is something I've been doing for over a year now! It's wild, creative, and a lot of fun!

*America's Sweethearts!

All of our gigs have been cancelled through at November, but I will be appearing with the Sweets at a socially-distanced outdoor concert up at the Sharon Playhouse in Sharon, CT on July 4th! I am overjoyed to sing with my ladies again, and I am very grateful that the producers were able to ensure our safety and health, as well as the safety and health of the audience. It's gonna be a different vibe, for sure, but I am elated that I get to perform again! This could very well be the future of live performance for the foreseeable future.


I moved out of my apartment in Hamilton Heights in the middle of March--a move I had been planning to make for months anyway, before the pandemic hit, so moving day was quite weird! I love it up here in Inwood, and my new roommate is wonderful. I feel much more at home here (plus, going from 3 roommates to 1 is a huge upgrade!). I also dyed the underside of my hair orange, just for fun! Not sure how long that will last, but it's kind of growing on me. Nothing like quarantine to try out new looks, right? Other than that, I am just staying as healthy and sane as possible and hoping for brighter days on the horizon. Hope you're all well, and I hope to see you at a live show soon!

MARCH 2020

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this COVID-19 crisis! For obvious reasons, all my live performances and gigs have been cancelled or put on hold, and while that is a devastating loss financially, I would rather be safe than paid. However, this has presented me with some new opportunities, as the world shifts to digital and remote connections! I have published a few new videos on Facebook, Instagram, and my YouTube channel.  mostly for fun and to keep spirits high during this trying time. I have also  been contracted to narrate a new book, coming shortly to Audible. My latest audiobook "Hula Girl", co-narrated with the fantastic Hugh Bradley, is now available on Audible, and it's a sweet little read perfectly suited for a day inside. I have also been writing more for OnStage Blog, so check out that page to stay updated on everything theatre. That's it for now, I hope we get out of this crisis soon! 

APRIL 2019

I am back in NYC, and back to the grind. I just wrapped a recording sessions with RWS, laying down background vocals for their summer theme park shows across the country. Always a blast to play with this amazing company!

I will be performing again with America's Sweethearts in May and June, debuting our brand-new full-length show! Gonna be exciting.

JULY 2018

I am currently on board the beautiful six-star luxury cruise ship Seabourn Encore for the next few months as a lead vocalist in the production cast. I am currently sailing the Mediterranean, but will also be visiting the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand! More updates are available on my

Facebook artist page.

MARCH 2018

Oof, it's been a while since I updated!

I just had a great run of Little League, a new comedy by Jack Spagnola, as part of the Frigid Festival at the Kraine Theatre in NYC. We had a wonderful time, and even took home the award for Best Comedy! I had a blast creating the role of "Phoebe", an Instagram-obsessed supermom. Go figure, huh?

On the horizon, I am understudying my ultimate Shakespearean heroine dream role, Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing for Classics in Color this month! I have one guaranteed performance, at the 2pm show on Saturday, March 24. Tickets are available by clicking this link.

I'll also be appearing in my friend's Spring Concert on Monday, March 12  at the Lutheran Church of Gustavus Adolphus in NYC, as well as singing with America's Sweethearts on April 28 at NY's newest cabaret space, Green Room 42!

I have some more big news coming up, but I'll have to wait on that one for a while...

APRIL 2017

I just returned from shooting a commercial Tucson, Arizona with Crown Chimp Films after having taken a quick jaunt out to California for some sunshine and relaxation (and a n audition...but mostly for the sunshine. It was a rough winter!). I am looking forward to singing backup for my friend Doreen Montalvo once again, in celebration of the re-release of her debut album "American Soul/Latin Heart" on Broadway Records. We'll be performing in May at the Metropolitan Room again, and I can't wait to share the stage with the incredible musicians of the Miami Sound Machine and the original orchestra of In the Heights.

I will also be taking a short trip to Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania next month to record some background vocals for their production shows. I've never been there before, and I can't wait to be surrounded by the smell of chocolate for a solid weekend. The weather has finally taken a turn for the lovely here in NYC, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the spring in my favorite city!


Happy (belated) new year! I just had an incredible evening singing backup for the album release concert of my dear friend Doreen Montalvo's "American Soul/Latin Heart", available on iTunes! We performed her album to a standing room-only crowd at the Metropolitan Room in New York City, and the energy was electric. It was such an honor to perform with Doreen and the incredible 6-piece band made up of members of the In The Heights Broadway orchestra, original members of Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine band, as well as the fabulous Geraldine Anello from School of Rock on piano. There's talk of touring the album, so stay tuned!

My episode of A Crime to Remember ( "Newlydeads") premiered on January  31. Click here for a snippet of the episode. It was so surreal to her my voiceover on a TV show!  This also marks my first credit on IMDb!

I'll also be performing my first full show with America's Sweethearts on Valentine's Day down in Richmond, VA. I can't wait!

Lastly, the three audiobooks I recorded for the NY Emergency Preparedness Council have been posted to their website! Check out the audio files on my Voiceover page.


I am very happy to announce that I am now an official client of the Meg Pantera Agency! I have also started using my middle name as my stage name, so all my future credits will now be as "Barrie Kealoha", and I am excited to see what new opportunities this brings. Here's a fun new year! 

Speaking of the new year, my voice will be heard as the narrator in the season finale episode of "A Crime to Remember" on Discovery ID in January! Stay tuned for more details!


I'm leaving for a quick replacement contract on the Seabourn Odyssey on the 15th, and I'm excited to mee tthe cast and sail the Med and the Adriatic for a couple of months! In the meantime, I'm singing a few songs from Children of Salt with Jaime Lozano for his audition for the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, and enjoying the early fall days in NYC. Stay tunes for some updates from the ship!


I am so poud to announce that the New York Musical Festival show in which I just perfomed, Childen of Salt, was awarded the "Best of Fest" award by Show Score! The award was based on public vote rather than the in-house NYMF judges, and we won in a landslide!! This could mean good news for the show on the horizon...

I personally received some really excellent reviews for my role as "Coral", which you can find on my "Reviews and Testimonials" page.

I'm also gearing up for my short contract aboard the Seaboun Odyssey coming up next month. So for now, my time is taken up with reviewing the five shows I'll be perfoming and looking forward to some new ports of call! I'll be doing another Vocal Ease show on the 24th as well--I haven't sung with them since I got so busy, so it will be nice to sing for the seniors again.

JULY 2016

Exciting news time! I just got offered the lead female role in the new musical Children of Salt debuting at the famous New York Musical Theatre Festival this summer! Appearing in a NYMF show is quite an honor, and I'm so pleased to be able to peform in the city I love. The show is based on a play by Mexican playwright Hernán Galindo titled Niños de Sal, with music by my very talented friend Jaime Lozano and lyics and book by the fabulous Lauren Espenhart. And especially exciting for ME, I'm playing opposite the very talented and outrageously good-looking Mauricio Martinez, whom you might recognize as Marcos Gutiérrez in the TV show "El Vato" on NBC/Univeso. We just performed together with Nico Baumgartner (playing "Jonás") and guest stars David Baida and Doreen Montalvo (both from On Your Feet! on Broadway) in a concert version of the show--complete with an incredible 12-piece orchestra--at the historic Metropolitan Room, which was live streamed all over the world! The energy of this show is palpable, and I can't wait to get started in a few weeks. As always, check out my Facebook Artist Page for up-to-the-minute updates on all my goings-on!

MAY 2016

Well, I'm back fom my Parisian adventure with Carmen la Cubana, and it has been an extraordinary ride. We sold out all 27 of our performances, and in a theate that seats 2,500 people, that's quite a feat! There are talks of binging the show to Germany, London, and maybe even (*cross your fingers*) New York City as well! It's too early to get TOO excited, but there's good stuff coming down the pipeline in the future.



I've also started reheasals with my new all-female vintage vocal group "America's Sweethearts", who have replaced my former group of The Manhattan Dolls. Long stoy, but the Dolls (the company) have relocated to Tucson (I know...TUCSON??), so those of us still in New York formed our own group. Check out our website, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and even better, come to one of our shows! Things are heating up for us as we approach Memorial Day, and it's sure to be a "swingin'" good time!

I'll also be doing a short two-month replacement contract aboard the Seabourn Odyssey from September-November, so I'm looking forward to exploring more of the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries, inclduing my first visit to Instabul! (Polticis pending...)

That's all fo now! Time to go enjoy the long-awaited New York City spring sunshine!



Big news! I finally signed the contract to peform in the ensemble and understudy two roles (including the lead!) in the brand new all-Spanish musical, Carmen la Cubana! It's a Spanish retelling of the classic Bizet opera Carmen with new arrangements by Alex Lacamoire of Hamilton fame (amongst others), set in 1950s Cuba. I will be flying out to Paris begin reheasals on February 27th, and I will return to the city in May. There's talk of further European tour dates, and who knows...maybe even a West End or Broadway transfer? This is very exciting!

Tickets and more information on the poduction can be found by clicking here.

In other news, I recently returned from a fun tour in Florida with The Manhattan Dolls. While we were there, I visited all four Disneyworld parks for the vey first time thanks to my fellow Dolls, who are former Cast Members. I had a blast!



This month is going by so fast!

I started Christmas caroling with The Manhattan Dolls on the 1st, and I've been having a great time spreading Christmas cheer all aound NYC. I also had a quick little trip to Houston with the Dolls, doing our 40s show, "Sentimental Journey" at the beautiful 1940s Air Museum.

I'm also back at RWS for a bit, helping with some reblocking for future shows. Always good to be back with the RWS family, especially aound the holidays.

I'll be back in California with my family for Christmas, enjoying some snow and nephew snuggles! All the best!



I'm back from my very first Manhattan Dolls tour in Arizona, and I'm looking forward to the holiday season and all the caroling gigs with the Dolls it brings. You can check out a great video of me doing my favorite song in the show, "Blues in the Night", over on my "Media" page. I also recently recorded vocals for the "Little Big Club Rockin' Holiday Party" in English and Spanish, premiering at the Hard Rock Rivieria Maya in Mexico and Hard Rock Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I had such a blast ecording with RWS. Keep updated with the Facebook Artist page!



Big big stuff is brewin' over here!

I finished the workshops with RWS earlier this month, and all three shows were a rousing success. I leave for my first Manhattan Dolls tour at the end of the month, and I got a really incredible job offer for next year that I can't wait to spill the beans about (but not yet! maybe next weekl).

I also had an incredible opportunity to sing the National Anthem before a Rangers game with the Dolls! That was such a trip, to be on the ice at Madison Square Garden with thousands of people in the stands. Head over to my "Media" page to see the video!



What an incredible month it's been!

I was recently brought on to join the beautiful swingin' ladies of The Manahattan Dolls as their newest Alto, and I couldn't be more excited to join their ranks. I'll be touring Arizona with them next month. Check out my Events page for more details!

We've now wokshopped two of the three shows for the Koningsdam already, and I have had the immense pleasure to have sung the lead female role for the original musical by the fantastic Kooman and Dimond! What an absolute trip.

Before this month is out, I'll be recording a few Christmas backgound tracks for theme parks, finish wokshopping the final Koningsdam show, and--perhaps most exciting of all--singing the National Anthem with the Dolls for the Rangers game on September 30th! It still seems surreal that I'll be singing at Madison Square Garden.

Stay tuned for more details, or head on over to my Facebook Artist Page for daily updates.



It's shaping up to be a big month for me! I'll be workshopping brand-new shows with RWS to be premiered on the newest (and biggest!) ship for Holland America Line in 2016! I'm very excited to be working with the great crew at RWS again. I also just recorded a commercial voiceover, and will be lending my voice to Vocal Ease again. Moe updates soon!


JUNE 2015

This week, I sang with Vocal Ease, wrapped a big voiceover gig for HCCS, and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of love! Moving forward!


MAY 2015

I have officially submitted my video audition to Disney to be the voice of their upcoming Polynesian princess, Moana! Click here to check out the video.


MAY 2015

Due to scheduling conflicts, I will no longer be joining the Odyssey. But I did have an amazing time at sea on the Sojourn!

I'll be returning to NYC around mid-June.


April 25, 2015

Disembark the Sojourn in Monte Carlo, Monaco.


November 9, 2014

Embark Seabourn Sojourn in Rome, Italy


October 6, 2014

Began rehearsals with Belinda King Creative Productions!



Rehearsals for my next cruise ship contract begin in just 18 days! I'll be working on the Sojourn and the Odyssey, both for Seabourn. Click here to see a map of my incredible itinerary!





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