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"Barrie Kealoha delivers an absorbing performance of Anne Berest's stunning autobiographical novel exploring her family's tragic yet resilient heritage."


"Kealoha delivers the powerful result with admirable clarity and excellent pacing that fully draw in the listener without overdramatizing. "


"Kealoha creates informative audio portraits of the most important personalities that engage us fully in their destiny."

-Audiofile Magazine review for The Postcard

"Barrie does good work with minimal direction."

-Chris C. Minor

Artistic Collaborator


“Barrie’s Island Girl is one of the most joyful, gently flowing solo shows I’ve seen.


Her storytelling is captivating, her singing voice is breathtaking, and the combined easygoing sense of humor and reverent honoring of her ancestry was beyond moving to witness.


We all left the show changed by what we’d learned and absolutely charmed by our teacher."


-Ro McQuaid, House Manager


“The first time I heard Barrie voicing an audiobook, I knew I had to work with her. It wasn’t just the luscious musicality of her beautiful alto, it was the genuine sensuality that she brought to each character, and the sense of ease she brought to narration. Besides that it’s a joy to listen to her, it’s also a joy to work with her, which I very much look forward to again, soon."

— Hugh Bradley, Romance Audiobook Narrator and Producer, co-narrator with Barrie Kealoha of “Hula Girl” by Lara Cosio, now available on Audible from Amazon. 


"Barrie gives a sensitive, affecting reading of Coral, the unlucky girl Raúl left behind."

-Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

"Barrie as Coral has a dazzling voice and a stunning presence."

-Michael Block, Theatre in the Now

"Other beautifully sung numbers, such as 'I Married a Man' (performed by Barrie)...tantalizes us with the characters' back stories and make us wish we knew more about them."

-Pete Hempstead, Theatremania


"Barrie is extremely professional and brings a great and productive energy into the room. She is always prepared and has an incredible voice and a great talent all around!"

-Manny Schvartzman

Musical Director

Carmen la Cubana

"I am continuously dazzled by Barrie's talent, dedication, humor, and positivity. In addition to having a versatile and powerful instrument, she learns quickly, adding her own personality and flair into everything she does. She is also unafraid to admit mistakes and fix them…something many performers aren't humble enough to make a habit of."

-Carly Kincannon

Founder and CEO

America's Sweethearts

"Barrie's effortless musicality makes her voice just delicious to listen to. She's also a joy to work with and a total delight in the rehearsal room."

-Michael Kooman

composer, Crazy in Love

"Barrie is an absolutely brilliant performer. Her voice is incredible, and she has the acting chops to back it up. Beyond that, her outstanding work-ethic, deep dedication to her craft, and winning personality make her a joy to have in the room, and an invaluable collaborator. It has been an absolute honor and a pleasure to work with her."


-Christopher Dimond

lyricist/playwright, Crazy in Love




"From sass to class, Barrie always delivers."

-Franklyn Warfield

Casting Director

RWS and Associates


"When it comes to VO talent, you find out pretty quickly whether they either get it or they don't. Barrie gets it! She is the total package. She reads well, doesn't make a lot of mistakes, even on cold reads...and if she occasionally makes one, she doesn't get hung up on it. She'll get it in the next take and we'll move on.  She has a very pleasant voice, is consistent, understands nuance and meaning, and is easily directable. As I said, Barrie is the total package."

-Bruce FIgler
Creative Sound Works, Inc.

"Barrie is a very versatile singer with a big personality, lots of charm and musicianship. What I love most about her is how she belts powerfully with a beautiful tone and then equally impresses you with her ability to sing soft beautifully controlled tones with wamth, emotion and artistry. I am honored to have her sing with Vocal Ease."


-Eva Swan

President and Founder

Vocal Ease


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